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The Spanish player came up inside the area to effectively finish the attack bid of the class outsider The Red players were managing at their bel-pleasure and they were the ones who played the rhythm of the game.

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Acceleration, slowdowns, everything was managed by the benfiquista club. Until the final horn there were no more imminent danger and the triumph no longer escaped the eagles. Final result: With this result before the European champion team in title benfica sum six points and continues in the leadership of group a of the European cup. Paulo Almeida Benfica Coach : " I want to congratulate my players because they played the 50 minutes as we worked during the week.

They made a great game, not only in attacking terms, but also on the defensive level. I'm not much of praise, but today I have to praise my team, who made a great game before the current European champion. Eight goals scored in the 8.

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Benfica went to oeiras and beat the lions of Porto saved in the 8. With this triumph eagles reach 24 points in the competition. The challenge is ready for November 30th at 20 pm. O Benfica venceu o Galitos na 8. In Barreiro sent benfica! Benfica won the in the 8. The Eagles continued to press and managed to dig a seven-point lead The Galitos did not lower his arms and gradually came closer to benfica.

Fans present in the stands were watching a great triple show in barreiro! Still during the 1. Anthony Ireland was performing the first minutes of eagle to the chest. At the end of the 1. The North American base made excellent assistance with a pass behind the back. The ball went to Toure ' Murry, who then took the opportunity to make his first three points in the match. The Outdoor game in barreiro was still appreciated, and in this chapter benfica already successfully released seven triple releases.

The Eagles were strong defensively and at the end of the 2. The Club of light entered better in the 2. Besides defending well, Benfica was always looking to attack with criteria. The Red players, who this afternoon equipped with white, always raised their head and put the ball in a better position. At the end of the fourth quarter the result was The Barreiro Set entered better in the 4. Benfica players started to manage the meeting at their bel-pleasure, never losing the Focus of the advantage that was in the marker.

With this triumph eagles reach 15 points in the League League. In the next journey 9. Eagles highlight conquest of Jorge Jesus Benfica also addressed the congratulations to Jorge Jesus for the conquest of the libertadores in charge of flamengo. The Portuguese coach sat on the bench of eagles between and , winning a total of 10 titles. Bruno lage about Jorge Jesus: "done fantastic" In A Press Conference after the game with vizela, Bruno lage did not fail to congratulate Jorge Jesus, for the conquest of the copa libertadores.

The Championship [Brazil] is practically won and now winning a competition like this is really a fantastic achievement and surely, first is a great achievement for mister Jesus, for his technical team, for the club is a fantastic achievement for the His career and will definitely open doors for more Portuguese coaches. So, from now on, my best wishes and a hug to all for the achievement.

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Bruno Lage: "we had to do for life" Bruno lage admitted that it was not easy to win the vizela, although the esquipas were from different categories. Then comes the goal of vizela and the team is comfortable in that sense, to be condition our game and then enjoy the transition. We had to do for life, look for the passes, especially then playing against ten, to score our goals and move on. What is most important is what we do in all. Gabriel is a midfielder who plays forward and the midfielders who play forward, sometimes fail.

But since we have a player of this quality, with the quality he has, to turn the game, sometimes fails.

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The fundamental thing is that who plays to the side and back never fails, who plays forward fails more often. Rdt: "happy for goal and victory" Raul De Tomas came back yesterday to play and score, in front of vizela. It had not been used for precisely one month since, on October 23th, he played the last 12 minutes of Benfica-Lyon , for the champions league, and has not been a starter since the previous round of the cup From Portugal, a few days earlier, on October 18, on the plot of cova da piedade victory , in which he also served the 90 minutes.

On the other hand, rdt has not scored since October 2, when, also jumping from the bench to play the last minutes, he made the eagles honor in the defeat at zenit's home , also for the champions. This was, for the rest, the debut to mark by the red, which means that in vizela added only the second celebration of the season, in a total of 13 games for all the races. The player was later asked about the possibility that the goal yesterday scored, which dictated the beginning of Benfica's twist, could mean the conquest of the title.

I started playing and scoring, but I didn't score during a few games and stopped playing, without having the chance to redeem myself.

PENTA XAU/PENTA DE VERDADE - PARÓDIA MC Kekel e MC Rita - Amor de Verdade (KondZilla)

I wondered why this was happening. But after that For Seferovic, Bruno lage's entry to eagles command was decisive turning point and explains why.

It all started there. We went from to and everything started to go well ", concluded the Swiss, interviewed by my sports Youtube channel. Gabriel: "with lage there is greater rigour in intensity" With Contract renewed until , Gabriel talked about the first two seasons of eagle to the chest. I found a method I had already experienced in Italy [in juventus], greater rigour of intensity, more tactical. I was comfortable and managed to help.

Always heard we have to be comfortable on the weekends and work hard during the week.

FC Porto vs. SL Benfica – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Lage is looking for it ", he said. About the coming to light, he made sure he was "always welcome" and that he is trying to pass the same to the last reinforcements. On Friday you face el pozo murcia, also at 10 pm and on Sunday you have as an opponent the kairat almaty at 12 pm. In statements to btv, Joel Rocha will address the difficulties the team will face.

We are in an extremely demanding group, but also very attractive and challenging ", he said. In the sixth season of eagle to chest, the coach highlighted the need for the collective to be careful at all times to achieve a good performance in the elite round. We will enter focused, very determined and above all looking to make a smart and balanced competition, in which any goal scored and suffered can have its importance and where the disciplinary issue can be relevant in the decision of a match and even in the Clearance ", justified.

In their constitution they have very quality Italian and Argentine International.

FC Porto vs. SL Benfica

It will be extremely hard from the physical point of view, very demanding in the organization and where it will take a lot of patience to defend well and to know the right time to steal the ball. We will try at the level of the offensive strategy to surprise pesaro because we know they are very strong to defend I believe we have individual and collective arguments to overcome them ", analyzed. Regarding the participation of the red at this stage, Joel Rocha does not hide happiness for reaching this level, but clarifies that he does not want to stay here. Being able to represent benfica in Europe with the ambition to reach a final four is highly stimulating and motivating.

It is with that state of mind that we intend to face this test ", underlined. Renato Paiva: "we are the team that best understands the game job" Benfica b continues to participate in plic with two meetings with English clubs: Newcastle and Blackburn. Benfica b is back to European competitions.

Renato Paiva and Kevin Csoboth experience difficulties, but are confident in two good results. They are two teams that really like to take the game to the individual duel and for moments of high intensity and physical aggressiveness. If we don't have the intelligence to know how to have the ball in the positions indicated for the moment of the game, we may have some difficulties ", we will be the red technician, in statements to " we know that physically we do not have the size and morphology equal to theirs, we also know that we do not have, often, the competitive intensity they have - in terms of intensity and on issues -, but we have the game intensity that It's decision making and what is the perception of the game.

In that sense, our team is the best team in the group. It's the one who, in my opinion, best understands the game. Of course, this alone does not support any display, no game or any results ", warned renato paiva. In the maiden round of group c, the red were in front of the Germans of Aided by his father, a horticultor by profession, Monteiro da Costa rented a portion 30 by 50 meters of uncultivated terrain to create the first dedicated football pitch in the country. Later that year, the society's vivaria were transferred to another location, allowing Porto to increase the pitch area to match the sport's official dimensions.

Eventually, the larger capacity of this ground also became insufficient for the ever-increasing crowds attending the games, particularly against high-profile opponents. In , Porto approved a plan to build a new stadium to accommodate and meet the demands of larger attendances, but the project only moved forward with the purchase of 48, square metres 12 acres of land in the eastern side of the city in Two years later, on 28 May , the stadium was inaugurated with a ceremony, featuring the presence of the President of the Republic Francisco Craveiro Lopes , [] and a match against Benfica, which Porto lost 2—8.

The awarding of the UEFA Euro hosting rights to Portugal in was the perfect opportunity for Porto to move into a more modern, functional and comfortable stadium, in line with the demands of high-level international football. Porto won 2—0 in front of a record 52, spectators, which also witnessed the professional debut of Lionel Messi. In June , the venue hosted the opening ceremony and match of the UEFA Euro , and four other tournament matches.

The FC Porto Museum was inaugurated on 28 September , on occasion of the club's th anniversary. The museum includes an auditorium, a club store, a coffeehouse, and spaces for educational services and temporary exhibitions. Porto's biggest rivalries are with the other Big Three members and regular league title contenders, Benfica and Sporting CP.

They stem from the historical, political, economical and cultural clash between the cities of Porto and Lisbon, where the other two clubs are based. To Porto, the rivalry with Benfica is the strongest and most passionate, and it opposes the most representative football emblems from each city as well as the current most titled Portuguese clubs.

The first meeting between Porto and Sporting CP occurred on 30 November , during a friendly tournament organised by Porto. The club also has a strong rivalry with city rivals Boavista , [] sometimes called O Derby da Invicta. The —11 season was particularly strong in record achievements. Porto played the most matches 58 and secured the most wins 49 and highest winning percentage As of the end of the —19 season, Porto have 76 major trophies in senior football.