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Tony is part of a major project of recording the classics. As an actor, you really have something to sink your teeth into, and it's also just great literature. It's fun, and a challenge to wrap your mind and tongue around.

Rwanda in Retrospect

The H. Tony's versatility is impressive, and he articulates an inspired philosophy.

If the listening experience is more of one paying attention to the performance of material than to the material itself, then the reader has failed. Our group will review and follow up within 72 hours.

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Thanks for your interest! Now he has given all that up to take a low-level job with an NHL club, compiling statistics and writing scouting reports.

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Volumes have been written on Soviet athletes, and on the restrictions and expectations placed on them as they labor in the international spotlight. But Kuperman offers a rare look at the men who report to the Soviet people on the victories and defeats of their countrymen in athletic competition around the world.

He is able to offer that look because, for the last month, he has been working in public relations for the Winnipeg Jets. But Kuperman persevered and eventually became proficient enough to be given the plum job of traveling outside his country and covering Soviet teams in international competition.

Soviet sportswriters were forced to come up with a checkoff list of excuses to fall back on in case of defeat.

Then, you could say it was acclimatization or that they the North Americans were using their refs. If you persisted in trying to honestly identify problems with the Soviet team, you could find yourself covering block games such as the ones Kuperman played as a kid. When it came to obtaining quotes, Soviet reporters were directed to the coach.

Players were afraid to comment. And even if a questionable remark should accidentally slip from the lip of a Soviet player, it never made it into print. Many Soviet sportswriters, according to Kuperman, write in longhand.