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But here's the thing. Humans aren't wolves or horses. We're primates. Our ancient ancestors did not have harems, nor rely on the idea of a single breeding stock to further our species. Most of our evolutionary traits suggest that we had numerous strategies for successfully getting with the opposite sex ranging from brute force, to enticement, to sneaky trickery.

More importantly, our ancestor females were evolved to make sex the opposite of a solo-pair act. In "Sex at Dawn" a wonderful book for examining the complexity of human sexual evolution, the authors make particular note of the phenomenon of female vocalization during sex. In Harem or Alpha-Beta type species, the women don't make loud noises at all.

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Screaming during sex is a call to the other primates, "See what's happening here! Come here! Get horny! You should all fuck!

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And fuck me too! And that's the brilliant part. Removing obvious linkage to our offspring meant that as a UNIT, as a cohesive society, humans and other primates have every reason to love and defend all the children of the tribe equally ,to value all the members equally, and generally be strong as a group rather than as individuals. That's part of why humans are such a diverse and successful species. I think it's ugly and stupid to try to apply the standards of completely different animals to ourselves at times, and when I see people getting shunted into categories like "Alpha" and "Beta" that's when I worry.

But now that I've bored your balls off with an anthropology lesson, let me speak to the fantasy side of things. Yes, it's an absolutely cunt-melting thought, the superior, strong stud of an alpha male:. And there's no better way to make the superiority of said alpha any clearer than to compare it with another, lesser male:. That's right boys.

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Figure out if you're the cock in her right hand or the cock in her left, and sort yourselves accordingly. Beta's to the left. I'll be over here with the big Alpha cocks instead.

Hey all, back here with another brave exhibitionist who just wanted to show off! Now I don't mean for the "brave" part of that to be a jab at his size. Obviously he's no Ten-Inch Marvin or Bruce-Venture monster, but his willingness and ability to whip it out and get it up for an appearance here in the face of those people is not without courage when he's on the larger side instead of the HUGER side. Sunday, May 21, The Measure of a Man. Hey everybody, I'm so so sorry I've missed both of my post deadlines for this week.

Unfortunately, work has been pounding me harder than one of my stories' male characters these last two weeks, and alas, it's not as fun. I think an end is in sight so I shouldn't be missing more, but I'll keep you all posted. In other news, I think I know what I'm going to write for the comic script, though I've got to run it by my backers before I get started, but I think it's a pretty hot concept so we'll probably be getting going soon.

Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Submissives, too, project a broad range of images to the world. Some, particularly men, like to maintain a passive, stoic image that can be frustrating to a dominant looking for guidance. One female dominant complained in frustra- tion, "How in the hell can I have any fun if I can't tell if he is?

Some submissives say they can really let go only when they have intentionally adopted a role. Ann, an Atlanta submissive, makes a point of distin- guishing her "uppity submissive" from what people in the scene call a SAM Smart- Assed Masochist. While the SAM tries to "top from the bottom," that is, to control all aspects of the scene, Ann's uppity submissive is more likely to sig- nal her eagerness for stimulation by pinching the domi- nant's bottom in passing or looking up with innocent eyes and asking, "Is that as hard as you can hit?

Based on her experience and observa- tions she described nine levels of submission. These range from a kinky sensualism, where everything revolves around the submissive's needs, through play submission, where the submissive gives up control but the stimulation is erotic and pleasing to both, all the way to consensual slavery, where the slave exists solely for the dominant's pleasure.

This short piece makes interesting reading for anyone who is interested in thinking about submission as well as actively submitting.

Another way of looking at conceptualizing the scene is shown by my own dear Libby. Instead of considering the severity of the activities or the portion of the day they take up, her approach examines the emotional intensity of the submission and the degree of trust put forward by the submissive. In her section, "A Submissive Looks at Submission," later in this book, she goes into detail about her three levels of submission: fantasy, clarity, and trans- parency.

The first is "Stimulus Driven.

The second category is "Relationship Driven. The final category is "Fantasy Driven. Sometimes this is accomplished by living through the fan- tasy; however, others find satisfaction in finding an indi- vidual who shares his or her fantasy, and no specific action need take place. However you choose to play, welcome to a land of fantasy in the midst of reality.

A White Couple Learns to Worship Black Cock and Pussy

Here, perhaps more than in any other aspect of your life, you are free to choose your own route to ecstasy. Well, are you? It may seem like an easy question to answer, but it can be more difficult than you realize. Sadly, in our society, domination, sadism, cruelty, and brutality have become confused and intertwined. Crude, unrealistic fiction has made the situation worse. Publishers have found that to reach the broadest possible audience they must include themes that are repugnant to many. Be honest with yourself and look deeply into those answers to see if this scene is really for you.

Do you get as much pleasure or more from erotically exciting your partner as from your oum enjoyment of the sexual act? If this is true, you are likely to be a good dominant.

11 Common Sexual Fetishes Explained - List of Popular Kinks | Allure

The essence of domination is to take another's power and then use it for mutual pleasure. Do you want an easy relationship with you as the unques- tioned boss? It is common to hear dominants talk about how hard they have to work. This is because in exchange for the power that is given us, we must find ways of using that power for the benefit and pleasure of both participants.

At the same time, because of the trust given us, we must be very sure that nothing we do is harmful to anyone in the relationship. This kind of careful balancing act cer- tainly isn't attractive to someone looking for an easy ride. Have you been in an abusive relationship and would like to "turn the tables" on someone like the person who abused you?

This is another rough start. However, revenge is a poor motivation for such an inti- mate relationship and is likely to result in further damage to your self esteem. Why do you want to control another person? This is a sticky one. One of film star Vanessa del Rio's earliest fantasies was of having a group of tiny people in the palm of her hand.